44 New Cool Websites and Apps to Learn Something New


In summer 2015, I wrote a short post with a long list of learning websites, which immediately went viral. Just when the notifications, messages, and emails started coming in, I was organizing workshops for entrepreneurs in Tehran. Since Medium was not accessible in Iran back then, I was only able to follow all this using my phone, which had a VPN installed on it.

The piece was trending on Medium for many weeks (having recorded more than 32,000 recommends), and was re-published by numerous online magazines. It was also copied and plagiarized all over the world.

What does it prove? One single thing: People are really, really hungry for new knowledge.

And that is pretty good news.

As the old post has been making rounds until today, I often get emails from founders whose app or website had not been included. That’s why I decided to give space to some new, interesting tools that have appeared (or I have discovered) in the meantime.

Myself, I’m a fan and an avid consumer of digital educational content, so let me share some cool places to learn:

MasterClass — Take online classes from the world’s best

FutureLearn — Free online courses from top universities and specialist organizations

Curiosity — Be inspired by the web’s best learning videos

The Big Know — Take online courses created by brands

Iversity — Take free online courses from experts

Tinycards — Use flashcards to memorize things

Byju —Take video lessons by India’s best teachers

OpenClassrooms — Enhance your skills with online courses

Envato Tuts+ — Learn code, illustration, photography, or web design

WixEd — Learn how to launch your own web business

Primer — Marketing lessons from Google on iPhone and Android

Instructables — Follow DIY tutorials in technology, workshop, or living

Sywork — Watch live illustrators

Startup Patterns — Get bite-sized startup lessons on your phone

Degreed — Find, track, and measure all your learning

Savvy — Get personal lessons with live, one-to-one video


lrn — Learn Javascript on your iPhone

Py — Learn Python, Java, Swift, HTML & CSS, R, SQL, Calculus, Astrophysics, and more — Watch coders live as they build products

Trinket — Learn Python with all-in-one code editor

Drupalize.Me — Learn Drupal with video tutorials

CheckiO — Play game and learn coding in Python

Pencil Code — Learn programming languages in a creative way

CloudAcademy — Learn and practice your cloud skills

CodinGame — Improve your programming skills while playing

Code4Startup — Learn to code by creating real life startups

Swift Playgrounds — Learn Swift on your iPad

Codewars — Improve your skills on real code challenges

Egghead — Learn the latest web development frameworks

Swifty — Learn how to code in Swift

Simplilearn — Learn from the experts and get certified

CodeUpStart — Learn to code by creating real world tech products

Codeplace — Learn Ruby on Rails by building real world applications

CareerFoundry — Take online mentored courses to launch your tech career

Exercism — Level up your programming skills

SitePoint Premium — Become a better web developer

Code-Free Startup — Build real apps with the skills you already have

Cudoo — Take online self-study courses


Lingualeo — Learn English using fun content (for native speakers: Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish)

Learn-8 — Learn new languages with native speakers —Improve your vocabulary with an adaptive learning game

Rype — Get 1-on-1 lessons with hand-picked language teachers


Lumosity — Enjoy brain training created by scientists and game designers

Elevate — Train your mind and improve your skills

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